The martial art of Aikido is known as the "Divine Martial Art of Peace" and offers a non-competitive, yogic spiritual  healing approach to the classical Koryu arts of the Samurai Bujitsu of old Japan. The goal of the student is to learn to integrate and blend with all forces, including those of an attacker. Training presents a student with vigorous physical challenges and supplements the students spiritually with meditations and centering practice.  Aikido also exists as an international language of martial transmission and training and offers a cultural outlet to engage peoples all over the world. The Aikidoka will over time experience a change in perspective and heighten one's perception, mental focus and physical ability. In the same way Yoga develops the person, so will Aikido with the added benefit of self-defense skills and camaraderie. Want to Join? Come by any class time, but call 318-469-1952!   
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we offer two martial systems and three intensity levels 

                            Therapudic  NonImpact Aikido     :        Traditional Aikikai AAA-Aikido          :      KaJuKenBo Traditional mixed martial arts

Private Lesson Rate $25 per hour (for non listed class times)

Therapeutic non-impact Aikido:             by Appointment M

Aikido Basic class :           Mondays & Wednesdays 5:30pm
                      Aikido Adavanced :          Mondays & Wednesdays 6:30pm till 8pm     
 Aikido Meditation and Weapons :              Sat 8am till 10am

Kajukenbo by appointment only, see kajukenbo page or Ross Sensei

Our Lineage and sensei
  1. Moreihei Ueshiba
    Founder of the Art of Aikido
  2. Fumio Toyoda
    Founder of Aikido Association of America
  3. James Nakayama
    Shibucho AAA Western Region Buena Vista CA
  4. Stephen Tatsuo Toyoda
    AAA/AAI President
    Chicago IL
  5. William Ross
    Dojo Cho
    Director Aikido of Shreveport
  6. Eric Fountain
    Assistant Instructor
    Natchitoches LA
Aikikai Foundation